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The Company and its Activities
Hansen Consult GmbH was founded in 1980 in Düsseldorf with branches in Hamburg and Munich.
From 1996 all activities were moved to the Hamburg office.

The main activities of the company are marketing and technical consulting in Germany, other European countries and Asian countries.

Since 1980 one of the major clients of the company has been a Danish producer of tile works. Until 1996 Hansen Consult GmbH was responsible for marketing and technical development of the products in Germany.

Other main activities have been:

Technical consulting and marketing of steel space frame constructions. The space frames were marketed in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia under the responsibility of Hansen Consult GmbH.

Sale and marketing in Germany of:
  • Danish prefabricated wooden houses

  • Heating equipment

  • Different building products

  • Sub suppliers of metal works

  • Clothing

  • Feasibility studies in Latvia and Romania, in order to set up the production of prefabricated wooden houses.

    Feasibility studies in Angola (province Malanje), in order to restore ceramic factories.

    Feasibility studies in Ghana (Accra- and Kumasi region), in order to set up a production of wooden building products.

    Feasibility studies in Cabinda, in order to set up new ceramic factories and factories for wooden products.